Thu 27 Jun 2019 19:34

International Ticket Applications

Please find below details on international ticket allocations and how we at Weymouth and Portland RFC allocate tickets to members.

Our Ticket Allocation

The RFU informs the club of the number of international tickets that we are entitled to.

We confirm acceptance of all allocated tickets.

This financial commitment is undertaken prior to applications being made by club members.

Our ticket allocation is specified by The RFU based on a combination of our membership numbers and number of games completed by 1st XV down to Under 14's. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee tickets to all applicants.

We are only allocated tickets for England home games, although on occasion we are able to apply for a very limited number of away games. Some games however are unrestricted and these matches will be opened up to the wider club for application.


The following are entitled to apply for restricted International and 6 Nation Tickets:

  • Honorary Founder and Life Members,
  • Fully paid up Corporate and Personal Vice Presidents,
  • Ordinary Members
  • Fully paid up (Including match fees) Senior Players.

All applications are checked against the club database to ensure applicants qualify.

Ticket Application Procedure

APPLICATION FORM - When the ticket window opens the form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

All ticket applications must be made on official forms and through the following procedure.

• Download the official application form from the Club Website or Newsletter. Emails will also be sent to all those qualifying members registered on the club website. 

• Completed forms with cheque or details of bank transfer / credit card payment must be posted or emailed to the stated address on the form and not left behind the bar at the club.

• Applications with incomplete forms or incorrect monies will not be accepted.

• As the RFU deduct the relevant monies from the club’s International Ticket Account about 6 to 8 weeks before they issue tickets to the club, applicant cheques will be banked immediately into the Club account in readiness for the RFU to take payment.

• In order to allocate the tickets in a fair and equitable manner the club will operate a committee system for a maximum of 2 tickets each across all the restricted matches.

• In the event that any matches are oversubscribed preference will be given to those who volunteer at the club on a regular basis.

• All applicants will be notified if their tickets application has been successful and subsequently the match tickets will be held at the club for signed collection, usually within 7-10 days of the match.

• Unlucky members will receive their ticket money refunds by within 2 banking days of the deadline date.